How to Use Alpine Touring Bindings

These days there are several different alpine touring bindings on the market.

Our hand picked selection of touring bindings can be found on our retail wall and in our demo fleet.

To help clarify the differences in how they operate we’ve put together a list of instructional videos for each binding.


Dynafit – Radical ST Video:


Alpine Touring Binding, Tech Binding, Radical ST 2.0, Dynafit









Dynafit – Radical ST 2.0 Video:


Marker – Kingpin Video:

G3 – Ion Video:


Climbing Skins Video:

A few notes on climbing skins that weren’t┬ámentioned in the video:

  • Always store your skins in a cool and dry place. The glue on the skins is designed to work in cold environments, if it is left in a hot environment it can damage the skin glue.
  • When putting your skins in long term storage always use a skin saver. A skin saver is any type of non-stick material used to separate the skin glue from sticking to itself when folding up a skin. Thin sheets of mesh or even butcher paper will work. We personally like to use Black Diamond’s┬áCheat Sheets.


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