Why Shop

Why Shop With the Ute Mountaineer?

The Gear

We are an independent single store. We are not buying the same product for 20 different stores. This means we buy the products we want to use in the mountains around Aspen and all over the world. We think this allows us to offer our customers the coolest, most functional clothing and equipment available.

We are not beholden to any manufacturer, so we can choose our product mix based on what works the best under given conditions, not just what one or two manufacturers have to offer. In doing so, we exhaustively analyze what products and vendors we want to carry at the store. We feel this allows us to offer the best product available on the market. You could say our clothing and gear choices come with an opinion – a very positive one.

The Ute Mountaineer is small enough and flexible enough to bring in cutting edge and niche products. Sometimes these new products seem pretty weird and occasionally don’t sell too well. But, we remain resolute in our commitment to promoting the latest and greatest available. If we feel strongly about a product, we will offer it to our customers.

The People

Behind the Ute Mountaineer store and website, there are people who care about more than just selling you a product. Our store and community involvement is a direct reflection of who we are. Our ability to provide good customer service and a product that accommodates your needs is very important to us and is what drives us.

We live in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We use the gear we sell on a daily basis, so we know how it works and what conditions it performs best under. We encourage you to call or e­mail us for advice on what product is best suited for your needs, how to care for your products and for information regarding the Aspen area backcountry. We guarantee we will have an opinion for you and we will respond promptly to your questions with a personal reply. We have also tried to make some of this information available on our website if you do not wish to contact us.

The Ute Mountaineer has been operating since 1978. We couldn’t stay in business that long without a commitment to our customer. We remain committed and will endeavor to keep pace with the changing needs of the outdoor community that we serve.

We are family owned and operated. If you don’t have an independent outdoor retail store in your community, our expertise can be of help to you. If you do have a local store, we encourage you to patronize that store and keep your own community healthy and strong.

Shop Local

We are proud to be a locally owned and independent business and would like to encourage you to shop locally. Shopping with local businesses helps your community in several ways including:

  • Helps employ your neighbors and quality members of your local community. 
  • Your tax dollars help pay for community services such as the Aspen community Open Space and Trails, Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, and Pitkin County Social Services.
  • Recycles money throughout the local community. A larger percentage of dollars spent in local businesses stay in the local community and economy compared to national chain businesses.  
  • Maintains your community as a destination by preventing a loss of service oriented businesses and employees.